I am SO Sick of Drinking Water!

Apple Cinnamon Water…. What the What? UMMM… Delicious

Apple Cinnamon Water

Apple Cinnamon Water- Perfect Change of Pace

I find as fall sets in, I am craving “fall” flavors but it seems as if everything “fall” is carb loaded… AKA you have one bite and then worry about your blood sugar!  I want something that I can have as much as I want garsh darn!

I have heard it over and over again… “I am SO sick of drinking water but I do not know what else to drink!”

One of many things that Gestational Diabetes has taught me is that I need to be adventurous and have an open mind!  When trying new foods/recipes that were friendly to my diet, I had learned to keep the mindset that this is NOT a replacement for another food… it is just another option!  If I thought of the new food or recipe as a replacement to another… I was almost always disappointed and frustrated (and THAT my friend makes Gestational Diabetes even more difficult)… So going forward, I challenge you… when you have a craving, think what ABOUT that food you are actually craving… is it a particular flavor, texture, temperature…. what is it?!

So back to today, I was craving a beverage with cinnamon and found a recipe for Apple-Cinnamon water… sounds interesting… I know I was skeptical!  To my surprise, and I quote my six year old, the water is “Yummy in my Tummy” AND SO simple and easy!

BONUS: Cinnamon is LOADED with antioxidants AND it helps stabilize blood sugar!   OH YEAH BABY! Try this Gestational Diabetes friendly recipe  (recipe at bottom)!

Gestational Diabetes... Try Apple Cinnamon Water

Apple Cinnamon Water- Great alternative to plain water for Gestational DiabetesI have been refilling the pitcher all day!  My boys (6 and 2) cannot get enough of it! It is SO AWESOME!  (PS, it is not sweet, but SO delicious!)

So what new, adventurous, gestational diabetes friendly recipe have you tried?!  Are you eating the same foods over and over again?  Do yourself a favor, try ONE new recipe/ food tomorrow and let me know about it in the comment section below!

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Apple Cinnamon Water
adapted from sistertosister.org
  • 2 Apples sliced very thin- I use Gala, Fuji, or Honey Crisp
  • 2 Cinnamon Sticks
  1. Drop apple slices and cinnamon stick into bottom of 2 quart pitcher, cover with ice and then with water.  Place in fridge for 1-24 hours. Yes it is that easy!