About Katie

Welcome Momma!  I am Katie Knapke

Before I was helping women through gestational diabetes, I was a first time momma-to-be struggling through my first pregnancy.  At about 28 weeks, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GDM.)  To say I was surprised, is an understatement…

I was furious and I felt like a total FAILURE.

I had failed as a mom and as a wife. I had done something wrong…

After being diagnosed with GDM- I was given a meter and instructed on its use. I was told to monitor my fasting and post meal blood sugars.  I was referred to a dietician who gave me my “diet” which told me how many carbs I could eat per meal and a booklet containing carbohydrate content in common foods.

I was overwhelmed and freaked out.

On my way home, I stopped at the grocery store, booklet in hand… On that first trip, I spent 3 hours in the grocery store.  I walked down each aisle, crying, as I read every label. There was nothing I could eat. I left with apples, peanut butter, and eggs… yum.

I obsessed over every bite of food and measured EVERYTHING.

My days were consumed with monitoring what I ate, what my blood sugar readings were, and worrying about how I was hurting my baby.

I was so afraid that for 3 months I ate the same foods over and over again- I was terrified to try anything else.

I did not want to go anywhere… friend’s houses, out to dinner, Easter parties. I was afraid to be faced with food that I “could not eat” and have to explain why.  I felt like a failure and I was embarrassed.  

I was ashamed.

I cried almost everyday… I was scared that my baby was going be stillborn, scared that I would have to have a cesarean, scared that my baby would have to be in the NICU.

I felt so ALONE.  

No one understood how I feltAlthough my husband and my family tried to be supportive, their comments and advice made me feel even more alone because they just did not “get it.  They did not get why I felt like a failure, why I obsessed over every glucose reading, or why I measured every bite of food.

By the end of my pregnancy- I was sick of eating the same foods,  sick of my alarm telling me it was time to take my glucose reading (and hiding in the bathroom at work), sick of peeing on ketosticks and sick of sticking needles in my stomach.

I was sick of pretending that I was enjoying my pregnancy… truth be told…I felt robbed and I HATED BEING PREGNANT. I felt SO guilty for feeling this way.

I received a lot of information and education from my medical team but I was on my own to figure out HOW to make their recommendations happen in my life. How was I supposed to figure this out when I was exhausted and terrified?

I was drowning in my guilt and fears. 

Why am I here?

I am here to help you with the HOW.

What makes gestational diabetes so hard is that there is not someone to show you HOW to incorporate Gestational Diabetes into YOUR LIFE.

It is all new to you -new diet, new tests, and most importantly a new baby. How on earth are you expected to make this transition without real help from someone who has been there and done that?

My first pregnancy is painful for me to think about.  I WASTED the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy CONSUMED in guilt and fear and because of that I ended up hating my pregnancy.

No one wants to admit it but it is the truth for many women who have been diagnosed with GDM.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am here to bring JOY back into your pregnancy.

I am here show you how to ENJOY food, LIVE your life, and LOVE every minute of your pregnancy (even with Gestational Diabetes)

I will help you manage the guilt and fear by being honest with your emotions  (Let’s face it, you feel guilty for even craving a cookie and that is not okay.)

I will help you receive the support you need (your family and friends WANT to support you, they just do not know how.)

I will help you bring Joy and Simplicity back to your pregnancy with tips, recipes, and support so gestational diabetes FITS into your life and doesn’t take it over.

You deserve to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pregnancy

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Professional Bio

I am a real momma, with a real life.  I am the wife of an awesome husband and the mom of two active, energetic boys and one sweet baby girl. As much as I hated my first pregnancy, I LOVE my kiddos… they are a pile of energy, dirt and hugs!

In addition to helping women through gestational diabetes, I am an engineer.  I am a little nerdy and very driven.  I LOVE science, researching, and learning.  I grew up in a large family where I gathered eggs, bailed straw, built pallets, and learned how to work and genuinely love.

And I am going to bring all of that into teaching you how to get through your pregnancy while loving every minute.

Gestational Diabetes doesn’t have to be the end of your joyous pregnancy. In fact, you may learn to love it even more.

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