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So you have gestational diabetes?

What if you could ENJOY being pregnant again?

Has the joy of pregnancy been replaced with worry?  Do you worry about every… single… bite of food?


Do you cry because you are downright afraid that you have put your child at risk for something horrible; yet, your loved ones don’t understand why you are so obsessed with food and guilt?

Being pregnant is downright exhausting, but finding out you have gestational diabetes…that… is a game changer!

You are devastated, confused and most of all, you feel guilty because there is something “wrong with you” that could impact your little one in ways that will affect her for life. You feel a thousand pound weight has put on you… it is all on you to get your diabetes under control…like yesterday.

You are obsessed with every bite of food and every glucose reading.  You can eat this, but not that; you eat at this time. but not that; you stick your finger at this time. (That is exhausting just writing about!)  If you “screw up,” you are scared your baby will be affected.  You are scared your baby will be stillborn or have birth defects.  You are scared your baby will have to be delivered cesarean, or be preterm with respiratory distress.  You are scared your baby will require special care.

You are sick of eating the same thing over and over again… admit it…you are getting bored with eggs EVERYDAY for breakfast

And the outcome?  You are spending your pregnancy confused, exhausted, and lonely. You cannot wait until it is over.  I totally understand.  I have been there.  I have felt like that.  But it does not have to been that way.

Here’s the thing,

Your love ones want to support you, they just do not know how.  And the stress that you are putting on yourself and that little bundle of joy needs to stop- the stress will only make your blood sugars worse.  I want to tell you that you CAN manage gestational diabetes AND ENJOY foodLIVE your life and LOVE every minute of your pregnancy.

I’m here to help you bring JOY back into your pregnancy.  It is actually REALLY SIMPLE.  I will help you manage the guilt and fear, ask for the support you need, understand your diet and, learn how to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pregnancy with GDM!

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It IS time to LOVE your pregnancy again and kick GDM in the a$$!

Let’s do this together!